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El Cerrito Place Kenny Chesney
Da Doo Ron Ron The Crystals *Unknown Brand*
A Year Without Rain Selena Gomez *Unknown Brand*
Dragula Rob Zombie *Unknown Brand*
Back Where We Started Tina Turner *Unknown Brand*
I Won't Apologise Selena Gomez *Unknown Brand*
I Know What You Want Busta Rhymes / Miriah Carey *Unknown Brand*
Cose Della Vita Eros / Tina Turner *Unknown Brand*
I Need You LeAnn Rimes *Unknown Brand*
I Don't Believe In Love Queensryche *Unknown Brand*
Help Tina Tuner *Unknown Brand*
High School Confidential Jerry Lee Lewis (Sound Choice) *Unknown Brand*
Hello Lionel Richie *Unknown Brand*
I Was Made For Loving You Kiss *Unknown Brand*
I Promise YOu Selena Gomez *Unknown Brand*
Heaven Is My Womans Love Col Joye *Unknown Brand*
Anarchy In The UK Sex Pistols *Unknown Brand*
Ain't No Grave Johnny Cash *Unknown Brand*
Commitment LeAnn Rimes *Unknown Brand*
Cose Della Vita Eros Ramazzotti / Tina Turner *Unknown Brand*
I Want A Hippopotomus For Christmas Joanie Bartel *Unknown Brand*
After Midnight (orgin vers) Eric Clapton (sound choice) *Unknown Brand*
Clapping Song Belle Stars *Unknown Brand*
Darlin Johnny Reid *Unknown Brand*
All Kinds Of People Tina Turner *Unknown Brand*
I Stand Alone Godsmack *Unknown Brand*
Centerfield John Fogerty *Unknown Brand*
Alyssa Milano Sodium *Unknown Brand*
Coconut Harry Nillson *Unknown Brand*
Difference Between Us Tina Turner *Unknown Brand*
Falling Down Selena Gomez *Unknown Brand*
Don't Say Nothin Bad About.. Cookies *Unknown Brand*
Blue Monday Orgie *Unknown Brand*
Easier Said Than Done Essex *Unknown Brand*
Dancin With My Baby Johnny Reid *Unknown Brand*
I Enjoy Being A Girl Flower Drum Song *Unknown Brand*
Burnin For You Blue Oyster Cult *Unknown Brand*
Awake Godsmack *Unknown Brand*
Bullet With Butterfly Wings Smashing Pumpkins *Unknown Brand*
Dance With Me Johnny Rodriguez *Unknown Brand*
Behind Blue Eyes Limp Bizkit *Unknown Brand*
Denise Randy & The Rainbows *Unknown Brand*
If It's Lovin That You Want Rihanna *Unknown Brand*
Dominick The Donkey Lou Montel *Unknown Brand*
Down With The Sickness Disturbed *Unknown Brand*
Brand New Lover Dead Or Alive (Sound Choice *Unknown Brand*
God Save The Queen Sex Pistols *Unknown Brand*
I Can't Stand There Tina Turner *Unknown Brand*
Help Tina Turner *Unknown Brand*
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