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She's Always A Woman Billy Joel Backstage
Straight From The Heart Bryan Adams Backstage
Can't Stop This Thing We Started Bryan Adams Backstage
Peggy Sue Buddy Holly Backstage
Take It Easy The Eagles Backstage
One Of These Nights The Eagles Backstage
See What Love Can Do Eric Clapton Backstage
Cherry Cherry Neil Diamond Backstage
Pop Ya Collar Usher Backstage
Swim Madonna Backstage
One More Night Phil Collins Backstage
One Vision Queen Backstage
Dear Diary Britney Spears Backstage
Mothers Little Helper The Rolling Stones Backstage
Take It To The Limit The Eagles Backstage
I See Your Smile Gloria Estefan Backstage
Massachusetts The Bee Gees Backstage
Everything That You Want Reba McEntire Backstage
Peaceful, Easy Feeling The Eagles Backstage
Crazy KCi & JoJo Backstage
Old Paul Simon Backstage
Honesty Billy Joel Backstage
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Backstage
I Want It All Queen Backstage
Love So Right The Bee Gees Backstage
Falling In Love (Uh Oh) Gloria Estefan Backstage
Don't Cry For Me Argentina Madonna Backstage
Lyin' Eyes The Eagles Backstage
Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know Britney Spears Backstage
Boogie Child The Bee Gees Backstage
Don't Forget To Remember The Bee Gees Backstage
Gotta Tell You Mumba, Samantha Backstage
Modern Woman Billy Joel Backstage
I Started A Joke The Bee Gees Backstage
Separate Lives Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin Backstage
Maybe Baby Buddy Holly Backstage
Don't Stop Me Now Queen Backstage
My Life Billy Joel Backstage
She's Waiting Eric Clapton Backstage
New Kid In Town The Eagles Backstage
New York Mining Disaster 1941 The Bee Gees Backstage
Never A Time Phil Collins Backstage
September Morn Neil Diamond Backstage
Oh Boy Buddy Holly Backstage
I Wish Kelly, Robert Backstage
Abacab Phil Collins Backstage
Seal Our Fate Gloria Estefan Backstage
Seven Bridges Road The Eagles Backstage
Not Fade Away Buddy Holly Backstage
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Note: Not all songs are available at every location